15 agosto 2016

Arid Environment Set for UE4.

It's been a year since we climbed that high mountain searching for rocks to scan. Today we are happy to show you a scene that we have built using the collected data.

I asked my bro to build something simple with the rocks I just imported into the editor, just to let him learn a bit of the Editor basics.

I began to do some tests by myself. In the meantime, he trained hard. Weeks later I started to think that we could maybe work in the scene together, so I created a level for him, moved the project to Dropbox and shared it with him, so we would be able to work on it at the same time.

I asked him to build an exterior area, so he designed and built it. Later I added all the detail.



Some time ago I bought an HTC VIVE device, so it was a must to try it here. I learned the basics to make it possible and the scene is officially playable with it.

The initial plan was to do something way more simple, but sometimes, what starts as something small ends up as something huge!

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  1. Love your work. I was planning on doing a similar scene. If you ever need more 3D scanned assets I have some here: old mining cart and other types of scans. Download, use commercially and enjoy!