25 junio 2016

Advances in Sub-surface scattering

The system had been gathering dust for more than two years now, but my current client wanted to invest on it for his product.

In the last two months many things have changed and improved. The system supports now multi profile, as seen in UE4. This means that we can have many different organic materials on screen at the same time: skin, eyes, teeth... Other types of organic materials will be on the task list, but for now we can simulate other materials such as marble, honey or opaque glass with the same shader, it's pretty flexible.

 Translucency has improved to allow light to travel through the subject:

Another experiment in course was percentage close shadow filtering

Last addition to the character render was eyes rendering. Its a very hard task to cheat our brain when it comes to human perception. We are specially sensitive in face recognition and I think we will never cross the uncanny valley :)

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  1. Que tal David, before I ask you about your SSS Shader the I wan´t to buy it on the assets store, I want it to know if you speak español, that can make my Q&A with you so much easy