10 noviembre 2013

From real-world to real-time

The perfect solution for my artistic laziness, Photogrammetry! The software I'm using is Agisoft Photoscan. I was lucky for getting a license from my client.
I've been living without a good camera all my life and that had to change. So I bought this amazing machine a few days ago:

And the first usage I wanted to do with it was object scanning. For the first test, I took 65 photos to my girfriend's hand, and the result was really convincing

Later, it was time to do something real-time friendly, so I grabbed a towel as my experiment subject.

Scan result:

Later, a retopology made with zBrush remesher:

Once the new mesh was created, it was time for texture baking, and light cleaning:

Original albedo from Photoscan after baking:

After spending some time with photoshop, I removed almost all the lighting information and put a bit of AO on it:

And last step, using my cloth shader, here is in real-time:

3 comentarios:

  1. Looks very promising! Nice set of tools you got there ;). Reminds me of the video showcased in the Siggraph slides, "Crafting a Next-Gen Material Pipeline for The Order: 1886". Reference: http://vimeo.com/70992723

  2. after retopolisation and making of the Uvs, you can import the mesh into photoscan and rebuilt the texture .
    tool menu -> import mesh-> menu workflow-> build texture -> mapping mode "keep UV" ->blendind mode "mozaic"

    with that you will get a crisp texture set up on your own UVs !
    It's better than baking a polypaint or base texture from Xnormal.
    some examples of what I've done with this tips :

    love your work, keep it up !!!!