23 octubre 2010

My MaxScript toys


This tool is designed to run FumeFX simulations without being present. Hit and run :D I didnt like to spend hours checking when the simulation was finished to start rendering frames. So i made this tool to make everything with just one click. When the tool starts, it looks for the FumeFX volume, selects it and opens the UI. You can also select the volume by pressing its name in the list box. If the UI is closed, when you clic the listbox, its opened. The tool can simulate, render and hibernate the computer once everything is done. So, just clic 'Do it!' and go to bed ;)
By pressing refresh it searchs again for the FumeFX volume in case you created it later, or deleted the old one.

FumeSleep .NET version:

Time ago i wanted to check out the possibility of calling .NET controls from maxscript. Archieve Unlocked :D

Taking the advantage of .NET controls, i added some extra functions, like that balloon showing some useful info or the tray icon.

New Open File Dialog:

I always hated the default 3ds open file dialog, so here is an interesting fix:

I made the same for file impoting - exporting.

Copy-Paste Objects:

Save Selected and Merge to another 3ds instance can be unconfortable, so lets make that with just 2 clics:

Export layer to files:

This tool exports the content of your layers to a folder. You can add and save paths. When you run the tool, all your stored paths will be listed in the list box. Just select one. It will export one file per layer with the layer name.

 Paint Object Tool:

Sometimes, in a 3D scene you may need some kind of help to avoid gettin' crazy on repetitive processes. An example is when you need to duplicate an object over another many times. For example, when placing grass on a large ground. So i developed a tool to do this using the mouse. The tool allows you to place your source model perpendicular to the surface or just vertical, useful for trees. You can also rotate the model by clic/drag/release to finish the copy.

Fix texture path:

I had to develop another tool for StimmyGames. The engine needs relative texture paths. Something like /Engine/Textures/color.dds but max exports C:/Game/Engine/Textures/color.dds
The engine is integrated in Maya, so i export the models from 3dsMax in FBX format with the fixed paths.

Here is the description document

 Unreal Export Tool (WIP):

Sometimes, when you have to export several files it could be exhausting. So here is another 'One Clic' tool:

 Unreal 3 Collision Tool (WIP):

Well, Unreal is amazing, but... it doesnt support the visual mesh as collision mesh. So, what to do when you have an imported terrain from an external 3D package. You will want to walk over it. Well, this a problem for me, since i never use its terrain tool for my terrains. But i can generate collision boxes in one clic:

It generates a Box with the template name UCX_ObjectName_Nº in each polygon. The UCX prefix tells unreal 'this is a collision box.
The tool can also create bounding boxes or spheres.
Anyway, this is quite crazy if you dont make an optimized mesh before doing this. So selecting the walkable surface and optimizing it is a must do.

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