12 octubre 2010

The Lighthouse

As starting point, i have made a base mesh to sculpt it later in Zbrush (One of my first sculpts)

The rock shader contains 6 different color maps; rock and sand textures, a normal map baked from the high poly version and a color map wich includes a modified cavity map, ambient oclussion and color variation blended like a photoshop 'Soft Light' blend mode.
Here is a comparison between photosop Soft Light Blend mode and my color map in my shader (almost the same ^^):

The textures blends using masked per-vertex colors to avoid the typical 99' soft blend.

I also added a grey mask to add a wet effect to the rocks which are in contact with the water. The wet zone is animated using some maths operations and custom hlsl. It follows the sea height.

The water foam is animated modifying its UV's using the same transformation of the sea height and wet movement.
The ocean mesh is animated via vertex shader wich reads data from a wind entity and math operations to create the waves.

So lets see it moving!

Also available on vimeo

... Its late for the Oil field rocks :/

Edit: 23.10.2010

  • For so long, i have had a personal challenge. Its called HLSL!!! So, i have started playing around, reading msdn, hitting my head against the screen... and here is my first post production Xtreme sharpen effect:

Edit: 28.10.2010
  • Today, i tried to add foam layers/small waves to the beach. I had to code a custom node in HLSL that allows to pan a texture only in one direction. Atm, i have only worked well in the codding aspect. The texture is still quite bad (fast made), with no visual effects added at all.

The custom node has 3 inputs: the texture to pan, the uv's and the offset to apply to uv's. This offset comes from a sin*cosin operation wich moves at different speed.
This operation is smoothed to avoid extreme values. This sin*consin function is also used to control the wet zone movement and the water mesh height, so that means everything dance together :D!

Edit 08.11.2010
  • Sky God rays. Its sky time. First, i implemented a god rays post process. But i didnt find it useful, i dont want to apply the effect to the whole screen. So i tried to implement a god rays effect in a texture. And here is the result:

The problem is that the rays are cut with geometry edges :/

Edit 10.11.2010
  • New model of boat. The lighthouse man needed it :D Check it here!
  • Footsteps in the beach
  • Cross-Processing PostProcess codded in hlsl
  • Added group of birds flying
Edit 15.11.2010
  • Added HDR based on Reinhards operator.
  • Added background land
Edit 20.11.2010

Edit 28.03.2011

  •  At last those lazy guys finished my crab!!
  • New video released and finished project!!

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        1. going to upload the level for play?

        2. Is it...wrong of me to request a UDK file? Seeing how this beautiful work is put together would be sure to help others.

        3. Beautiful! Great work dude

        4. so where is the demo.exe ?

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        6. Hola David, enhorabuena por tu trabajo.

          ¿Hablas español, eres español?

          Estoy investigando y escribiendo mi tesis sobre 3D interactivo, me ha gustado mucho tu trabajo. Podríamos ponernos en contacto por mail?

          Saludos, gracias y enhorabuena por tu trabajo es brillante.

        7. if possible, after 2 years mabe that's good, share your wonderful water shader package :( ?