09 abril 2015

Tileable textures from high poly

I have had the chance to get back to the art side of gamedev working for my new client. I'm quite happy with this job because it's an opportunity to learn art related topics. I have never worked as artist in a company, so... nice! But at the end I always end up as 1D/2D/3D/FX/Lighting artist, so Ill be doing a little bit of everything :)

After reviewing the game, I felt it was a must to improve the ground they currently have. So I put some extra effort to learn how to make tileable textures from sculpted meshes. The main motivation was basically to have a solid workflow, relatively fast and compatible with PBR. By doing so I would get the correct data I needed to include DDO into the process.

Here are three textures blended together with a shader I wrote in Unity.

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