10 abril 2014

High end car demo for Unity Technologies

Luis Carrera and I worked closely together developing this demo for Unity Technologies. 
We were asked to create a real time high end car rendering with layered paint and physically based shaders.
While Luis was working on the car modelling, I focused on the rendering side of the demo and its functionality. Once we got those tasks done, we focused our attention on the environment. We both worked on the design, modelling and texturing and when the time came, I put everything together.
This took us about 4 weeks non-stop. The demo was shown at the 2014 GPU Technology Conference.

6 comentarios:

  1. Hi! I'm very fond of your work, especially on multilayered shaders! Is there anywhere we can look at this demo? How did you make cubemap? Is it possible to generate them on-fly? When will you realase your shader?)

  2. All of those questions have a positive answer. But we have to wait for a while until it's finished and fully polished. Interactive demo + technical article is planned. The cubemap process will be explained then. About releasing it, that's something Unity Technologies will decide :)

  3. Respuestas
    1. 4.x for now. It will be updated to 5 at some point. The project is not yet finished, so I will polish it a bit more, hopefully, using the new features available in 5

  4. David! Haven't found any info on that project, so I'm gonna waste some of your time in hope you'll answer some questions)
    what color space are you using? I guess linear?
    car reflections on floor... car was static, wasn't it?) otherwise it's a knockdown.
    And those reflections on car, oh, they are goreous)

    1. Im using linear space. I modified the planar reflection made by Aras to apply some blur to it. The reflections on walls are achieved with the BPECM technique. Car reflections are captured offline with https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/3041
      Later, they implemented their own real-time box reflections, so both techniques were replaced.