27 noviembre 2013

New toy: GTX 690

Just got this new blazing graphic card.

 Before replacing my GTX 560, I took some screenshots for comparison purposes. I got different results. I expected a bigger performance. For UDK its not even twice faster.
1080 renders:

Super heavy skin setup with tons of postprocessing. In this case, performance increased quite a lot.

I really expected something much better. 

5 comentarios:

  1. Hey, I have a GTX 460. You should donate me your GTX 560! It won't be much of a performance boost but it will be something.. Just kidding of course :). I was planning to get a GTX 780 once the price drops again ^_^

  2. I know this is a long shot, you might want to change your driver too. Well lately Nvidia driver is kinda glitchy and buggy (note : this is varied). Some of us are even staying with older driver :/.
    And off topic is your skin shader really that heavy?? O.o

    1. Yeah, and its pretty hard to setup.
      The skin is adjustable, I can tweak the texture size or iterations. For that test its set with crazy values.

    2. I see, interesting information. Makes me wonder what the setup for the latest AAA game that used the same tech ie Ryse, COD Ghost (To be honest i can't see the skin shader at works in ghost tho...)

    3. I dont really know what they do for skin rendering.