19 octubre 2013

Skin rendering (Iteration 3)

The Forest people asked me for a good skin system for their game. The petition couldn't be better planned, with the new GDC papers recently released.
So yes, I have studied them every day for about 3 weeks, while travelling to the office / home (2h per day O_o). Once each concept was understood, its was time to start with the good coding stuff.
I have worked on this about 3 weeks non stop, without visiting my sofa, without having any kind of rest or relax. Learning the papers in my tablet at the toilet, at the bus / train / metro, thinking in all the system while sleeping or having a shower... Pretty exhausting.
What else can I say. I'm very proud of this and also, I would like to say thanks to graphics researchers, such as Jorge Jimenez and co-workers. Rubén Alcañiz, and Carlos Macarrón for their unconditional help. Also to my girlfriend, for her infinite patience. I'm sorry sweety!
And of course, Lee for his free scan demo!

All of this sounds like its finished, but not! Its not. CG research never ends. Notice the post tittle, Iteration 3. There is place for infinite ones :P

So yes, lets go with the heavy metal:

Online demo! This time, works in dx9 :)


Images used in the video:

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  1. Once again David thanks for this insightful blog post, The slides are very useful to other programmers like me!
    Also check your bank account David you should be 10 dollars richer :) Your amazing and you are my inspiration. Right now I've been researching Screen Space Per Pixel Flare after seeing your video I've been trying to keep up with your great achievements with Unity. I'm very close to having the Pseudo Lens Flare from John Chapman but Kawse Streak Filter from the OatProcessing slides I am struggling with accomplishing. Is it possible that you can lend a fellow graphics programmer some help?

  2. Hey, thanks. I remember I didn't follow the Kawase description for it, it was pretty intuitive and easy to achieve. I'm thinking... I could add it to the Lens Dirtiness effect in order to re-use the downsampling process. Do you agree with this? :D

  3. Yes I think thats a great idea :) I know it uses the same principle of a "ping pong" iteration just like his bloom does but I am still confused on some parts. I also can't get the Pseudo Lens flare working correctly. I'm really close right now to John Chapmans lens flare but there are still many faults mostly in the C# code. The lens flare itself doesn't take on the thresholding. It only cuts the bright parts from the main image which is wrong. I know its something wrong with the way I Blit the materials to the screen but I don't know exactly where.

  4. Yeah, I understand. The CPU part in this skin project also was a NIGHTMARE. Damn, I'm not a programmer! Just a hobbyst. So yes, its kinda hard to make things working properly, specially all of this render to texture process. A bloom effect is pretty similar to what I had to do here.

  5. Yes I feel your pain lol. I did a little hack to get the Pseudo lens flare working. Generated flares -> Threshold & downsample the actually flare textures -> Blur flare -> Added final flare to the main image. This is of course clearly wrong but it works for now until I figure out why It wont work like the way it does with bloom. The video is here:


    I haven't gotten around to the Light Streak Filter but I will wait for yours because I'm sure yours is better :)

  6. Sorry for bothering you. But I've got good news! Thanks to your bloom shader I've modified it and got the light streak filter working to an extent but it doesn't look so good. I wonder what you did differently to make yours look better..


  7. ¡Nice work! You got it! Congratulations.

  8. Fantastic work David. Thank you for the credit. Lee

  9. Congrats David, i follow your work for a long time, i saw the LightHouse Projetct in the UDK forum and just now i know that gonna be you who will making the shaders for the characters I've been working in the last months, awesome !
    ...i cant wait to see this working ingame...
    ...Congrats again: DeadLIght´s visuals it´s one of the bests...

  10. this looks so awesome. Even better then most chrakters of the "big games"

    its near to crysis allready

  11. Hi, nice to meet you. I am Korean so I can't speak well English, so I use a translator.
    Really waiting for this game came out theforest.
    But if you are worried about one kind of work. Theforest only single player support?
    I believe that you will support multiplayer. Thank you Comments

    1. At release, the forest will only have single player, after release they will work on co-op.

  12. Amazingly well done work, they say the devil is in the details but the truth is that the devil is actually in the balance of the details! and with the amount of details in the skin and the balancing of the lighting, shaders, and detailed skin this is incredible and would probably fool the devil lol.

    As for the shots and in the rendering itself... if I didn't know this was rendered I would swear it was just real photos of a real person and not a computer generated model.

    Fantastic work, very impressed you deserve much praise for the work you've done so far and I wouldn't call you a hobbyist with work like this lol, though I know there's much more on the programming side of things, but still, this is impressive!

    Much Love, Zeth.

  13. The Forest uses this? You need to help them then, it is completely screwed in the game

  14. pls make female skins so we can choose which one we want to play :)