29 agosto 2013

Unity - Character rendering

After about 3 months of hard work, Zsolt Berghammer and me ended up with this result. He contacted me asking for a favor. He wanted to render his latest artwork in real-time with the best quality possible.
 After seeing his high-poly models I couldn't refuse the offer. So I started polishing the code and creating all the needed technology:

Zsolt put tons of effort on this, I also tried to do my best. For high quality capture I did a script to allow super sampled rendering saving the result as images in the hard drive while rotating the characters. I also used some of the post-process I already did.

As you may imagine, the previous posts were talking about the features used here:
  • Skin rendering by using texture space diffusion.
  • Cloth rendering using Minnaert diffuse lighting and Ashikhmin Shirley anisotropic specularity.
  • Physically based rendering (leather, metals...).
  • Image based ambient lighting
Images used in the video:

Recently, he posted some final shots at forums:

2 comentarios:

  1. wow the clothing is really great, what did you use for cloth shading ?

  2. Ashikhmin-Shirley, a little touch of IBL and detail normal