22 julio 2013

Atmosphere (Iteration 4)

Once the basis was done, its time of improvement.

  • Underwater ambient lighting. I noticed I completely forgot the ambient term, so I did some kind of bounce lighting to lit the objects downside 

  • Caustics animation and "diffraction"
  • "Anisotropic" reflections

  • Depth fading. This was a lot of work. Basically, I had to recreate some UDK nodes, SceneColorTexture, SceneDepth and PixelDepth. 

The idea is simply:

Later I use this information to turn down Scene distortion or reflections, turning into this:

Not fixed result:

  • Added 2D clouds. To allow this little feature, I had to move the complex sky scattering to a skydome, because it was a postprocess, and this method enters in conflict with alpha blended shaders. So now, complex sky is in a dome in conjunction with the clouds texture. Now only exponential height fog remains as postprocess. 

It also has a first approximation for lighting. Will be improved later.


10 comentarios:

  1. This is really nice! It doesn't matter to me if you don't release anything on the asset store. I just want to learn the things that you learn. Do you think I should put Unity on hold and learn UDK's system like you did so I can get a better understanding of how to do some of the more advanced things you have done?

  2. Learning UDK first is a good choice, no doubt.

  3. Oh wow, neat stuff. How did you do the anisotropic reflection are those any related paper/code about it?
    Oh just curious, are you planning to release every asset that you created?

  4. Thanks. Its just a blur :)
    Release... well, probably most of things are not polished at all. I'm still reviewing older work, and I always find errors, hehe. Ill see!

  5. Yes, silly me just find out about it today :p. How many samples that you use for the reflection btw?

  6. David esta genial, no te han propuesto que hicieras totorales en español?


  7. How did you do your caustics? Could you make a tutorial on this?

  8. Would love something like this for my map. Any chance for a release on this work?