09 diciembre 2012

Unity, come to me!

I had to test it, it was a must. And hell yeah, I love it! When you need to do something else than art, you need to write code, and Unity allows you gently.
So the impression has been absolutely rewarding. I could at last have full control in the lighting path, using the same BRDF at penumbra areas.
The reflection took many nights of work, but finally, its working:

3 comentarios:

  1. Te ha quedado brutal la escena, eres el amo!

  2. How did you make the reflection shader? Could you share this shader?

    1. Hi. I used the script made by unity guys. It's really hard to understand, so so complex :D What I did then was to blur the resulting image in the floor shader. I would do it better now, but I didn't know anything about coding back then ^^