16 enero 2012


Ive been looking for a method to simulate a screen space distortion based on the mesh shape. For now, the most common method is DistortedScreenUV=ScreenUV+NormalMap x DistortionFactor. But, what normals to use? World Space normals? Maybe yes, but good luck getting them in UDK. So my trick here to solve this problem is using a spherical world normals texture and using spherical mapping. Hmm, is it correct? Of course not, but what's correct in game rendering? The cheaper!!

In combination with the translucent shader:

The trick behind:

Later, I wanted to test a real refraction. That one you cant ever use in a game, because its refracting a cubemap. On the left, void figure, on the right, solid:

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  1. Hi, these materials look amazing! For the glass with liquid, is the liquid a mesh? Also, any tips on how you made the translucent glass shader? Thanks!