19 marzo 2011


Well, good and bad news. I found the way for adding new shader text files. But EPIC decided in the March build to not include source shader files anymore. That made me so angry, specially after discovering this.
I would explain how to do it, but since its not possible anymore it has no sense.

I defined two silly functions outside, just for testing. And there you see i can call them. EPIC WIN, hehe.

Exp3 is just a pow(float3, 3). And invert is 1-float3

And the EPIC FAIL goes to... EPIC! So... now Dx11, right? Hmm, ive seen almost the same graphics features than samaritan demo in Dx9. So... whats wrong? I prefer to move to Cryengine than wasting money on a new machine.

Im dissapointed.

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