05 septiembre 2010

Struggling to live

Lets add some green life and hopes after the brown 'next-gen' oil field...
This is a piece of art that I created for an unannounced title being developed by StimmyGames which have contracted me as a freelance artist doing 3d modelling as well as technical tasks.

Technical Info.
The low poly version of the rock have been made in 3ds max. A very very simple mesh. The high one, in Mudbox. After testing mudbox, i think maybe i still prefer ZBrush for sculpting. I missed some Z brushes i love. But Mudbox is still more confortable, since you can configure it, as for example, 3ds max.
I made the tree trunk in ZBrush, using ZSpheres, and sculpting a little bit later. Low poly version made with DecimationMaster.
Rock texture and trunk have been made in Mudbox.
Rest of art, standard modeling in 3ds max.
Rendered in unreal, just for testing.
Amount of time, about 15-20 h

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