01 agosto 2013

No country for research

Spain is sick, a dying country. Our politicians have built a corrupt system, our money is supporting them and flying out to Switzerland.

In this context, their retrograde ideology advocates for a religious state, where Bible will be present at schools, private colleges will get public money if they implement sex segregation politics, inmigrants lost  health support, homosexuals will not have reproduction assistance anymore, abort is not a choice now, home violence is not a crime if the victim is not at the hospital for more than one day. Now, solar energy is illegal (ex politicians are earning tons of millions at energy companies), public education or health care are being sold, living costs have increased 80% in the last 5 years, 1/4 of the people have no job while all of us are paying the banks disaster. The list has no end.

Since this is a "research" blog, or at least, the result of the research I do in my spare time, Ill try to go around this idea.

This goberment dont think research is the key for the future, they prefer to give the money to clergy or banking. Other countries have increased their R&D budget, since they know thats the way.
CSIC is the most important science organization in Spain, and today its about to close. Many students and scientists have no future, so the only choice they have is working at McDonalds or leaving the country.

The same ideology that killed uncountable scientist in the past all around Europe is leading Spain today.

Research is the way to go forward, knowledge and education should be the most important value in a society, its own roots.

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